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Avian Influenza

Visitor info

Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Avian Influenza - Visitor information 

Updated 18/11/2022

Is the Park open? -

We are open Thursday to Sunday in the winter

Are there any precautions? -

Yes, please participate to protect our birds! You will be asked to dip your feet in the disinfectant foot bath or mat, buggy wheels will need wheeled over the mat. 

Bird keepers - DO NOT wear boots or clothing you wear to tend to Poultry or waterfowl if you are visiting the Park ensure you have clean boots and clothing free of any bird faeces. This is to protect animal health, Avian Influenza is considered very low or nil risk to humans unless you are working with and handling infected birds. All our birds are currently healthy.

Please DO NOT come to the Park if you have been tending to sick birds or have a suspected or confirmed case of Avian influenza on your property.    

What should I do if I see a dead wild bird in the Park? -

A single dead wild bird does not necessarily mean it has died of Avian flu however you should not touch or go near it and contact a member of staff immediately who will deal with it. In the Park we have many wild ducks, Moorhens and Herons.

What birds can I see at the Park?

All our birds are on show but might have some restrictions - such as Flamingos have been taken off the lake and Peafowl in different enclosures and no longer free-ranging.
Can I feed the ducks?
No we have closed the duck feeder - please DO NOT bring in your own food to feed the ducks. 
What will happen if the Park has a case of Avian flu?
If we have a suspected case of Avian influenza within the boundary of the Park we will close immediately to the public. We will then communicate when we may open again as soon as any immediate animal health and welfare has been attended to.